Meds-4-Home Program

UrbanCare Pharmacy’s Meds-4-Home program is designed to provide a 30-day supply of medications to patients upon discharge from a hospital or rehab facility. We will work with discharging physicians and provide the 30-day supply of medication prepackaged in a punch out compliance package.

Our Meds-4-Home program focuses on patient safety, compliance, and convenience. Medication will be compliance packaged exactly as it was in the facility and will be conveniently delivered to the facility or the patients home in sync with their discharge. Following an exact medication protocol after discharge is the one sure way to avoid readmission. The Med-4-Home program is the right program for the right time for the right patient when safety, compliance, and convenience are most needed.

Compliance Packaging

  • Each order is custom-filled and individually labeled just for you with your medication names, dosages, description, and directions for use.
  • Each blister pack is clearly marked with drug name, date, day of week, and color coded to the time of day you take your medication. For Example: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Bedtime, or by time such as 8AM, 12PM, 6PM, 8PM customized to your specific needs.
Time Saving & Convenient
  • Your 30-day supply medication packaging will mean fewer trips to the pharmacy and less time organizing multiple bottles and pill boxes.
  • Your PRN “As Needed” medications & non-pill form meds can be synced and filled the same time.
  • Each pack can be torn off individually or in a strip making traveling or taking a dose with you simple and convenient.
Better Health Outcomes
  • It has been statistically proven that patients who use compliance packaging achieve up to 90% compliance rates on average compared to patients that use pill bottles only achieving maximum adherence of 56%.
  • 20% of all hospital admissions are due to medication non-adherence.